Mini Micro Scooter Review.

Review of the Mini Micro Scooter

This incredibly popular kids self-balancing scooter is aimed at the 1 – 5 year age range and this review aims to cover all the areas you need to know about in order to make an informed decision regarding making a purchase. 

Who is the Mini Micro Self balancing scooter aimed at? The age range of the Mini Micro Self balancing scooter is from 1 – 5 years and from personal experience, I know that they can last a good bit longer.

My daughter has used one since she inherited her cousin’s hand-me-down at the age of 2. The mini micro self-balancing scooter in question was already 4 years old by the time she got it but showing very little sign of wear and tear. I’ll come on to the durability of these self-balancing scooters a little later on. 

If you’ve been near a nursery, primary school, or play park anytime in the last ten years, you’ll have seen the kids on these haring here and there. They come in a variety of colors and formats but basically boil down to two main categories – 2 wheeled and 3 wheeled versions.

This review will concentrate on the 3 wheeled version, in particular the excellent 3 in 1 version that caters for all levels of younger children, from the very young, toddlers, right up to 5 years plus.

 Product Description

The Mini Micro Self balancing scooter is part of the every expanding range from Micro Self balancing scooter, the original and in my opinion (I’ve had a couple of cheaper brands) best make of kids self-balancing scooters.

Some parents question the price, as they certainly aren’t the cheapest, however nearly every parent I’ve spoken to that have purchased a cheaper version ended up either having to replace the whole thing when it broke, or replaced it with a genuine Micro Self balancing scooter. 

It’s a Swiss design with 3 wheels in total; two at the front one at the back which gives optimum stability even at speed. And believe me, your kids WILL be going fast on these! 

Unlike the 2 wheeled versions, the 3 wheels are a far more forgiving self-balancing scooter, especially for very young kids.

The great thing about the mini micro self-balancing scooter is that it can be setup in one of 3 ways. For the very youngest kids, there’s a seat that is attached to main handle, allowing them to sit on the self-balancing scooter and push themselves about, kind of like a very little motorbike. Mini Micro Self balancing scooter with seat and toddler handle Micro Self balancing scooter showing adjustable seat and toddler handle. The seat itself is adjustable and can accommodate nearly all sizes of kids up to 5 years of age. 

Once the kids get a bit more confident and are able to stand and walk unsupported the seat can be removed quite easily with a screwdriver.

If you have any doubts on what self-balancing scooter to get this self-balancing scooter review website is what you are looking for.

The handle comes in two varieties, the first (to which the seat is attached) has a looped handle at the top. This allows very small fingers to grab hold in any position. Once the child is large enough, both the seat and hoop handle are replaced by the familiar T Bar that you’ll have seen the majority of kids using. At this point make sure you have a good pair of trainers at the ready, because once the kids find their balance, there really is no stopping them! 

The Mini Micro self-balancing scooters themselves weight 1.5kg which is good news for those of us that often end up carrying the self-balancing scooters and the kids back from a day at the park. The recommended maximum rider weight for the mini micro is 20kg / 3 stone 2lbs. You’ll probably be able to get away with a little more in terms of weight. I’ve stood on them myself and even with my trim 15 stone frame, the self-balancing scooter was able to move, albeit slowly!

Product Specification

 Age: 1-5 years

Max Rider Weight: 20Kg / 3stone 2lb

Self-balancing scooter Dimensions: H 670mm x W 220mm x L 550mm

 Size of Deck: 300mm x 110mm

 Wheel Diameter: 120/80mm

 Wheel Width: 24mm

 Wheel Material: PU 78 Shore A

 Handlebar Height: Boar 43cm / T-bar 61cm

 Bearings: Precision

 Product Weight: 1.5kg

 The Mini Micro self-balancing scooters come in a variety of colors, however one thing I’ve noticed is that any colors that aren’t the standard blue or pink (both staples of the local school playground) seem to cost a little bit more. 

There are a lot of cheaper versions out there and I’ll talk about the price separately a little later on but one thing that comes across when you pick up a mini micro self-balancing scooter is that it’s a quality product. The build feels solid. The wheels don’t rattle, the mechanics for the steering is smooth and responsive. In general the whole package reek of craftsmanship.


Ride, Handling & Steering


 The one question that comes up in review after review is the price. It’s true that the Mini Micro self-balancing scooters are more expense than their counterparts. £50 – £80 plus is a lot to spend on a self-balancing scooter for a child. I’ve spoken to loads of parents, some who bought the micro self-balancing scooters straight away, and some who have ended up with one after purchasing less pricy versions beforehand.

 The ones that purchased the cheaper versions nearly always make the same remark. They wish they’d purchased the micro self-balancing scooter version first of all. Not because it’s THE one to have, but due to them spending more in the long run by having to replace previous self-balancing scooters.

One father I spoke to had gone through 3 of the cut price self-balancing scooters before finally biting the bullet and purchasing a Micro self-balancing scooter. His reason? He’s spent in total over £120 buying 3 different cheaper versions only to have each one fall apart. Once he purchased the Micro self-balancing scooter, he (or rather his daughter) never looked back.

 This might sound like a hard sell, and in a way it is, but I want you to be aware that the old adage of “Buy cheap, Buy twice” is very appropriate for these self-balancing scooters. The initial outlay, while more expense, will last longer, give a better experience and offer a safer ride for you child. 


 Durability & Repairs

My kids have one each, in the regulation blue and pink and I’ve purchased another one for a friends little boy as a Thank You present. The two that my kids inherited from their cousins were already about 4 years old and still in very good condition despite being used almost constantly. The reason for the hand-me-downs was due to their cousins finally outgrowing the original micro self-balancing scooters. These were soon replaced with two more of the larger Micros.

Both the fronts of my kids self-balancing scooters have now suffered one run in too many with a curb and are suffering from cracks and bits missing. While the plastic is very hardwiring it can snap and chances are that over time it will. If this happens you can be left with a sharp corner.

This jagged edge is more likely to do damage to parents ankles that don’t get out of the way fast enough, rather than the child themselves. After a quick review of the self-balancing scooters in the playground I’ve not seen any other areas of damage to the sides or back. It just seems to be the very front of the self-balancing scooter that can be prone to impact damage. 

Why should I buy it? Well, for one thing it’s a good reason to get the kids away from the TV and outside to play. Whoever it’s not all for the benefits of the kids! If, like me, you and can struggle to get the kids to go on walks, or spend HOURS waiting for them to catch up, then the self-balancing scooter changes everything. Suddenly walks are fun, for both of you! 

The kids LOVE being able to scoot away from Mum and Dad, and you don’t have to spend 30 mines while one of your kids pays close attention to a leaf, or a snail or a particularly interesting stone.

Another interesting poi.

Another fantastic plus point is that pushchairs are suddenly no longer required. The kids are mobile, able to go for longer distances and for greater durations.

Plus if they do tire, they can stand on the micro self-balancing scooter and you can push them home. The Micro self-balancing scooters are tall enough that you’re not breaking your back pushing them along the road. Unlike some children’s bikes, at 1.5kgs they are light enough to carry quite easily. The mobility of the self-balancing scooters doesn’t just refer to their practical use. The T bar handle is fully detachable (watch your fingers!) allowing for easy packing into cars and roof boots. When collapsed, they take up far less room than a pushchair or even a small bike.

 My kids are never happier than when they are riding to school on their self-balancing scooters – quick note here: there are lots and lots of blue and pink micro self-balancing scooters out there. Make sure you personalize the self-balancing scooters so you are able to pick out the right ones from the pile of them outside the classrooms.

 To finish, one last warming! This is the “gateway self-balancing scooter”, nearly everyone I’ve spoken to have commented that their kids loved them so much, when they did eventually outgrow their use, they all traded up to the larger Maxi Micro!

If you have to have the best for your child, and want to invest your money in a quality product, then there’s really no alternative on the market.

 Mini Micro Self balancing scooters are a worthwhile investment, retain their value and are very durable and hard wearing. If you have any further questions on how loved these products are, just ask a kids that’s got one!



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